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Middle & Upper Schools Curriculum

at Devonshire House School

Following interviews with Devonshire House pupils, the senior schools often comment on their confidence, open nature and engagement with the World.  At the centre of everything at Devonshire House is a commitment to each child. Pupils develop confidence and a range of strategies they can use in varying situations in life.  A good syllabus will be clear about learning goals: an exciting one gives careful consideration to contexts and themes within which these can be applied.  At Devonshire House children see the value of what they learn.

Pupils learn to consider different points of view and articulate their own, ready for a lifetime of decision-making and further learning.  The provision at Devonshire House also helps to widen pupils’ options at their senior schools.

The curriculum provides a strong education in all the principal subjects, both for knowledge and understanding. Pupils gain an appreciation of a wide range of character, culture and context, helping to build their capacity to make sound judgements. The dedicated teaching gives confidence and awareness of the wider world and self-expression is further encouraged.

At Devonshire House there is an open, approachable culture, recognising the need for a clear communication with parents that is responsive to any enquiry or concern.

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Upper School Curriculum