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at Devonshire House School

Pastoral Care

“Pupils leave the School as confident, resilient young people who have a strong self-esteem and a well-developed understanding of how to improve their own learning.”
ISI Inspection Report

The pastoral care provision at Devonshire House is outstanding. Form teachers really get to know their pupils and develop a strong understanding of their needs, so that the children can be encouraged and supported in their journey through the School.

Within each department, a Deputy-Head oversees the Pastoral Care. They get to know the children and parents, allowing children to feel known, cared about, comfortable and to flourish.

The optional holiday courses provided within the School have the same emphasis on pastoral care and provide interesting and exciting times for those who join these.

Wellbeing Award

Devonshire House is very active in supporting and developing children’s resilience and good mental health.

In 2020 the School achieved the Wellbeing Award for Schools. The award focuses on ensuring effective practice and provision to promote emotional wellbeing of pupils and staff. The School seeks to catch problems early and to provide support.


School Nurse

The School has a full-time nurse. Whilst the role is a medical one, the School Nurse is one of many to whom children can go for support and comfort.

The School's Approach