About Us

“We believe that academic excellence is important, and so too are the values that go with it. At Devonshire House we encourage pupils to explore their strengths and to discover skills which will help them transform their own individual talents into accomplishments.”

Henry Keighley-Elstub, Head

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About our School

Devonshire House School

Devonshire House provides an outstanding education from nursery age through to entry to Senior Schools.  Its staff nurture and care for the children throughout their time at the School.  Devonshire House has fine premises, with spacious grounds, two onsite AstroTurfs and walled gardens.

Children can join the School’s Nursery (ages 2 – 4), in Reception (4+), in Year 3 (7+) and in Year 7 (11+). They can also join at other stages when vacancies arise.

Devonshire House has exceptional results, including for Senior Schools and in their Scholarship examinations.  The School has strong links with Senior Schools and ensures every family has good advice about their child’s next school.

“Devonshire House School has provided our children with a nurturing and stimulating environment throughout all ages.”
Years 1, 3, 4 Parent

About Us