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Extra Curricular Activities

at Devonshire House School

As the pupils move towards the top of the School, their widening horizon and interests need further experience and challenge and the Middle & Upper School’s Extra-Curricular programme helps to provide this.

All that happens outside the classroom can be as important in a child’s life as the main curriculum.  At Devonshire House pupils are encouraged to take up new challenges and learn new skills, and to enjoy the company of peers from outside their own classes and age groups.

Extra-Curricular activities and clubs include those listed below, and there are residential trips for the older pupils: ski trips; travel sometimes abroad for the choir and orchestra; and a huge range of other activities.

Optional Extras
Piano Chess
Instrumental Ballet
Voice Yoga
Speech and Communication M-Tech
Teacher Led Clubs – Upper School
Coding and Robotics Space
Football Cards
Quiz Coding and Robotics
Travel Ambassadors Play
Multi-Sport Cricket
Origami Roller-Skating
Warhammer 3D Printing
Travel Ambassadors Multi-Sport
Teacher Led Clubs – Lower School
Little People, Big Dreams
Lego Club
Puzzle Club
Film Club
Animal Club
Art and Craft Club
Spanish for Beginners
Book Club
Mindfulness Club
Y3 Quiz Club
Stop Motion Animation
Mixed Football/Netball
Board Games
Music Ensembles & Choirs
Orchestra – Grade 1 and above
Guitar Ensemble
Festival Choir
Vocal Group for Girls
Vocal Group for Boys
Jazz Band – Grade 1 and above
Drum Band
Y4 Recorder Group
String Ensemble
Y4-Y8 Regular Choir
Upper School Extra Curricular Activities