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The Future

at Devonshire House School

During the children’s lives, the World will continue to change at an accelerating rate and adaptability, skills and resilience are key.  Change is certain: innovative thinking key.

A good foundation in traditional subjects still remains important, but an understanding of how to adapt is more crucial than ever.  At Devonshire House, pupils understand the purpose of the knowledge they accumulate and how to combine this with creative thinking.  Thus they can bring initiative to bear throughout their lives, as the World changes around them.

But some things do not change: kindness; taking time to listen to and understand others; being independent, with strength of mind, but being able to be gentle with oneself. These, along with hard work; seeing things through; and knowing how to relax along the way, are all enduring life skills.  Time is taken to teach and encourage all of these throughout the years at Devonshire House.

Much that happens in the workplace, the home, or in life’s recreations, will change radically over the coming decades.  Devonshire House equips its pupils with a range of skills to meet these challenges and to maintain respect for themselves and for others.

The Future