at Devonshire House School

Devonshire House School & Nursery Fees for the Academic Year 2023-2024

The fees shown below are the termly charges with effect from September 2023


Nursery School Acorns (2-3 year olds)

  • Nursery Acorns Morning: £3,697
  • Nursery Acorns Full Day: £6,490
  • Nursery Acorns Full Day Extended: £7,388
  • Deposit: £3,000

Nursery School Oaks (3-4 year olds)

  • Nursery Oaks: £7,816
  • Deposit: £4,000

Devonshire House Preparatory School is a registered provider under the Early Years Education Funding for eligible 3 and 4 year olds and offers up to 15 hours of free entitlement funding per week. This is dependent on the funding being available, the pupil being eligible, and the School offering places under this Scheme. The School reserves the right to withdraw from this Scheme at any time.

We offer a limited number of free entitlement only places, please contact the Admissions department for more information.

Reception (4-5 year olds)

  • Reception: £7,816
  • Deposit: £4,000

Year 1 – Year 8 (five year olds and over)

  • Year 1 – Year 8: £8,394
  • Deposit: £4,000

*Tuition fees are inclusive of all school lunches and scheduled termly trips. Please note that Nursery Acorns children do not have termly trips and Nursery Acorns part time session children do not have lunch.

There will be no extra charge for general exercise books and stationery, but School books lost or damaged will be charged for.

Optional Extras Fees 2023-2024

  • Ballet: £285
  • Chess: £310
  • Instrumental: £405
  • MTech: £240
  • Judo: £250
  • LAMDA: £350
  • Voice: £405
  • Yoga: £285

Applications and Deposits

A non-returnable fee of £100 is required when an application for a place is registered. Once a place is offered by the School, a deposit of £3,000 (Nursery Acorns ) or £4,000 (Nursery Oaks and Reception to Year 8) becomes due. The deposit is refunded following a child’s last term.

For a child joining the School, the first term’s fees are due in full by the end of the Spring Term preceding a September entry.

General Terms

On acceptance of a place, parents agree to the terms and conditions as published to them in the Terms and Conditions and accompanying documentation.

All fees are payable termly, strictly in advance, and by the end of the preceding term. In the event that fees are not paid by the due date, an additional charge of £100 may be levied.  Interest will also be chargeable.

A full term’s notice, in writing, or fees in lieu will be required in the event of a pupil being withdrawn from the School or for cancellation of optional extras. Any such notice must expire at the end of a term.

The School Fees Remission and Personal Accident policies are arranged with external insurance companies and the School has no direct liability for payments due under these policies.

The School reserves the right to cancel any place offered, or to end tuition at any time by notice to a parent or guardian.

The School reserves the right to amend any fees.

Fees and Application