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Aims & Ethos

of Devonshire House School

Devonshire House provides a warm, caring atmosphere where each child receives exceptional education and where staff help them to discover and grow their talents and abilities.

“Pupils are articulate and confidently debate, question and express their ideas and views intelligently.”
ISI Inspection Report


  • A nurturing, happy and safe environment which inspires a love of learning.
  • A growth in understanding and a wish to discover and achieve.
  • Kindness, tolerance and integrity.
  • The highest standards in care, support and encouragement.
  • The highest standard of teaching.
  • The highest standard of learning.
  • The highest standard of achievement.
  • The development of initiative, creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Challenge and interest.


  • Aims to create a family atmosphere where all pupils are nurtured, learning is an enjoyable experience and where there is respect for people and the world around us.
  • Values enthusiasm, happy laughter, initiative, creativity, achievement, pride in endeavour and innovative adaptable minds.
  • Teaches children to think about their behaviour, attitude and responsibilities.
  • Encourages both independence in thought and collaborative action.
  • Creates a safe, calm environment.
  • Teaches and values good manners and consideration for others.
  • Recognises, values and develops talents, skills and interests.
  • Creates an atmosphere of fairness, mutual trust and honesty.
Aims and Ethos