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The School’s Approach

at Devonshire House School

Devonshire House is a place where families come together for their children’s most formative years. The School’s commitment is to outstanding care and education, to help discover, inspire and develop pupils’ talents and to support them throughout their years at the School and in their move to their next schools.

The results for senior school entry are exceptionally good, with some forty scholarships and exhibitions to senior schools in the last three years. However, the School is perhaps proudest that this is achieved in such a creative and happy school with its broad curriculum and with so many extra-curricular activities.

The School aims to create adaptable and creative minds, for a changing world.

The Head, Senior Leadership Team and Staff are committed to an open, trusting dialogue with parents about their children and to be available to advise and help throughout each child’s school career.

Pupils learn how to work hard for their own achievements and to work with others with commitment, understanding and co-operation. They learn many things – traditional and innovative – and above all they learn how to grow their talents and how they may want to apply them in their lives.

The School seeks to inspire not only a love of learning, but a love of thinking for oneself and the strength and resilience to do so, to make the most of life and to help others along this journey.

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The School's Approach