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Parents & Families

of Devonshire House School

Devonshire House is very family orientated. With pupils through a wide age range, families are with the School for the years of the fastest change in their children and for many important times in their lives. The School makes sure it builds open and trusting relationships with parents.

Informal contacts with teachers and staff and the more structured Parents’ Evenings and Reports, are all part of this, but so is much, much more.

The Head, Senior Leadership Team, and the School’s Heads of ‘Houses’ are easily available to talk to, or for parents to meet, and there are lots of School events and activities that involve parents and families. These help to form the School community and to make sure that as many people as possible know each other.

Devonshire House understands that families are the most important part of children’s lives and always works very closely with parents.  In this, as in so much, the School’s approach is holistic.  When an individual has all parts of their life working well together, this gives the greatest strength and happiness. At Devonshire House, we never forget the importance of this.

Parents and Families