Devonshire House Preparatory School

Devonshire House is a prep and pre-prep school located in Hampstead. We are committed to making it our mission to promote resilience and positive wellbeing for all our pupils and staff and we are dedicated to the highest academic standards, where all pupils achieve their full potential.

Devonshire House School provides an excellent education for pupils from nursery age though to their Common Entrance exams for senior schools and we understand that the wellbeing of our pupils is essential for their success. We seek to ensure that Devonshire House is a safe, warm and happy place that provides interest, challenge, encouragement and understanding at every stage.

We ensure that the school community understands that mental health is ‘everyone’s business’ and we strive to create an environment that has a whole school approach in providing excellent mental health support whilst developing enthusiasm, initiative and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

It is through these things that good self-esteem and confidence are built and it is with these that come generosity of spirit and fulfilment in life.

Boy and Girl working with science equipment


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Early Years

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Junior School

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Upper School

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