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Entry to our Middle & Upper Schools

at Devonshire House School

“Achieves a balance of academic and pastoral care excellence, while sacrificing in neither area.”
A leavers’ year parent

Entry to The Middle & Upper Schools (Years 3 to 8. Ages 7+ to 12+)

Most children joining the School do so in the Nursery (2+ and 3+),  Reception (4+), Year 3 (7+) and Year 7  (11+).  However, when vacancies arise in other year groups, pupils happily make friends and settle easily into their Year thanks to the School’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

For entry to 3, pupils visit the School and are asked to do written, numeracy and reading work. The aim is to ensure pupils joining will be able to settle easily into the School’s curriculum.

When vacancies arise, pupils are invited to spend a morning in the Upper School. They will complete written assessments in Maths, English and verbal reasoning and spend time meeting staff and current pupils in their year group.

Entry to Upper School