Lower School

“The Lower School is nurturing, vibrant and busy, with high academic and pastoral standards, throughout its Years, Reception to Year 2. It continues to foster the enthusiasm and initiative of the children.”

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Lower School for children from four to seven years old

at Devonshire House School

Pupils are encouraged to develop their own talents and personalities and the School gives strong support and positive motivation. It is through this that self-esteem and confidence are built, producing happy, inquisitive children who want to find out about and care for the world around them.

There is a smooth transition from the Nursery School to the Lower School.  All classes have a class teacher and a classroom assistant who help them in their move to the Lower School.

The children are taught in their classroom by their class teacher, and there are specialist teachers for PE, Music, Technology and French.

There are lovely grounds and gardens at the Lower School, with play and PE lessons in the playground. Year 2 children also take part in weekly games sessions at the outside sports grounds.

In the Forest Area at the Lower School children can learn about the Natural World and its science. They can grow vegetables and plants, learning to love and understand nature and its miracles.

Educational trips are planned termly for further insight into the topics studied, and a variety of visitors come to the School, including poets, authors and for drama and topic workshops.

Extra Subjects for Ballet, Chess, Musical Instruments, Voice, Speech and Communication and Yoga are taught by specialist teachers and there are teacher led clubs in Art and Lego, Eco and Multi-sport and much more.

Music is very important in the School and the children are encouraged to share their musical talents in the formal and informal concerts and many take instrumental lessons.

Parents are very welcome to class assemblies and School performances, at various times throughout the year.

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