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Special Events in the School Calendar

at Devonshire House School

The School Calendar has a huge range of activities; trips; visits; talks; workshops; sports; adventure and much more.  These bring interest and excitement to support the curriculum.

There are several major events during the School year, where large numbers of pupils and parents come together.

The School Play

There are a number of plays and performances throughout the year and the principal School Play is at the end of the Autumn Term.  This draws on the dramatic talents of many children in the Upper School.  Over the years, the School Plays have been a great source of pride and enjoyment amongst the pupils, parents and the staff.

Sports Day

The Sports Day takes place during the Summer Term and provides an opportunity for pupils, parents and staff to come together in a celebration of the games, athletics and sport at the School.

The Summer Fair

This is a day of entertainment for all families, with parents and staff working together.  Proceeds from the Fair go to the School’s chosen charities.

The Summer Gala

Each year there is a Gala Supper in a marquee in the grounds of the School, where parents of pupils in the top years come together and enjoy music and drama put on by their children. Families have known each other over many years and this is an opportunity for the older pupils to impress, charm and entertain their families!

Prize Giving

The annual Prize Giving is a celebration of all the pupils in the School and the wide range of talent, endeavour and achievement.  It is held in the grounds of the School.

Special Events Calendar