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Entry to our Lower School

at Devonshire House School

Nurturing and stimulating environment throughout all ages”.
A parent of Junior and Upper School pupils

Entry to Reception

Devonshire House welcomes new pupils into Reception (4+).  The nurture and teaching starts the children’s general education, with wonder and interest.

Entry into Reception from the Nursery is automatic.

Entry to Reception is in the School year following a child’s fourth birthday.

Entry to Years 1 and 2

Most children joining the School do so in the Nursery (2+ and 3+),  Reception (4+) and Year 3 (7+).  However, when vacancies arise in other year groups, pupils happily make friends and settle easily into their Year thanks to the Lower School’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Offers are made on the following basis:

For entry to Year 1, aged 5, pupils are seen in a friendly and informal group setting and they complete a variety of tasks as part of their visit to the School.

For entry to Years 2, pupils visit the School and are asked to do written, numeracy and reading work.  The aim is to ensure pupils joining will be able to settle easily into the School’s curriculum.

Entry to Junior School