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The Nursery School

at Devonshire House School

A welcoming, nurturing, inclusive School.”
Nursery Parent

The happiness and wellbeing of the children is central to all at Devonshire House.  The Nursery provides a happy, warm and caring environment, where children can grow, and each child has a designated Teacher who ensures each child feels safe and cared for. A learning journal logs experiences and development and helps to plan for the next step activities.

The School supports the children’s needs, encouraging them as they form new relationships and as they understand more of their own feelings and behaviour.  Self-respect and that for others, and good manners, are encouraged throughout the School.

The partnership with parents is close and trusting and opportunities are provided for informal conversation between teachers and parents, with more formal opportunities for parent-teacher meetings during the year.

As each child moves from the Nursery into the Lower School, the transition is as smooth, with the pastoral journey as important as ever. We encourage the children to be increasingly independent. Our job is to equip each child with the tools needed to succeed, as they move to the next stage of their school life.

The Nursery School at Devonshire House build confident, happy children, and open up a pathway to successful academic progress.

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