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Devonshire House Celebrates Girls in ICT Day

By April 27, 2023Blog

Devonshire House girls get inspired every day by their Technology teachers. From the Early Years to Year 8, Mrs. Jusufi, Miss Pitters and Head of Technology Mrs. Butler-Cox form the majority of our Technology department. We want to celebrate Girls in ICT Day by promoting Mrs. Butler-Cox’s efforts to elevate our Technology curriculum. Here’s her portrait.

Head of Technology teaching a Devonshire House student on a tablet.

Where does your passion for ICT come from?

My mother and father owned a computer business before I was born. My first place to sleep was on top of the spare computer boxes in a little Moses basket, so I have been around computers since the day I was born! Growing up with a computer business in our home definitely ignited my interest in anything technology-based from a young age.


What is your favourite area in ICT?

Keeping up to date with all of the amazing advancements made in technology is the most exciting part for me. I have always loved the creative side of technology and enjoyed developing innovative curriculums for our students.


What is your educational journey around ICT?

My GCSEs and A levels were all based around STEAM subjects. I then completed an Art Foundation at Loughborough University, focusing on product design. After this, I studied Textiles with Business at Brighton University where I further ignited my passion for the technological side of design. I learned about laser cutting, digital designing on the jacquard loom, and Adobe Photoshop designs for printed textiles. My masters focused on integrating visually impaired learners into the mainstream classroom environment. I achieved a first at university and a National Santander Award for my thorough research. I then completed my PGCE at Chichester University.

During my PGCE, I was always drawn to everything related to technology that included digital elements – laser cutting, 3D printing etc. It all fascinated me. I have always loved learning new and exciting techniques and methods. Teaching has allowed me to continue this passion and impart it to my eager students.


How do you encourage young girls to pursue their interest in ICT?

Having a role model who is a woman is extremely important for our girls. My enthusiasm creates a spark of interest in students that might build into a burning passion for technology. Having a wide range of clubs for all of our children, including our girls, also allows them to ignite the interest they have fostered in class and harness it further. Our 3D Printing Club is always very popular with our tech-minded girls. As is our Coding, Robotics and Electronics Club. Opportunities for exploration and challenges are key.


Finally, why is it important to get more women involved in ICT?

There are more males in STEAM careers. Many of the girls that I teach are very creative, have excellent problem-solving skills and show resilience in all of our STEAM-based projects. If it becomes the cultural norm for women to engage STEAM careers and hobbies, then we will make a massive step toward equalising this. I really hope that my students’ passion for technology follows them through life.


Discover more about our Technology programme here. Or follow our dedicated Technology Twitter account here.


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