Upper School Technology

In the Upper School we work alongside the other creative subjects of Art and Design Technology to incorporate an extensive range of technologies and skills. The school recognised the increasing importance of this subject and has invested significant resources to ensure that the students receive a broad education within Technology that is both up to date and practical with real world application. The school has two 3D printers which are used extensively in the Upper 6-8 projects and in lunchtime clubs.

We focus on four main branches of digital Technology; Digital Graphics, Computer Aided Design & Manufacture, Coding with Robotics and traditional computer skills including virtual reality.

In digital graphics we make extensive use of Adobe Photoshop and have our students submit entries into various exciting graphic design competitions.

In Computer Aided Design & Manufacture students learn how to create 3D models using Google SketchUp and Fusion 360, both of which are used in industry.  These models are then 3D printed.

We explore the world of robotics and coding by learning the basics using Codeblocks and then converting these into Javascript and Python. We discover a broad range of traditional ICT topics and software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, stop motion animations, VR and AR, and green screen technologies. We also revisit Internet safety each year to ensure students use the internet safely and appropriately both at school and at home.


Students are given the opportunity to solidify their learning in other academic subjects as well by completing cross curricular activities such as creating stop motion animations for poems they have learned in English and rendering 3D models of Tudor houses that they have studied in History. In Geography, students have used green screen technology to create news reports on an Earthquake in Japan they had studied. In French, students use ‘dis siri’ which allows the students to speak to the iPad in French as well as English. In Science, students use iPads as microscopes and project their images up onto the whiteboard

There are six lunchtime Technology clubs each week for upper school students. These include basic computer skills, 3D printing, graphics, coding and robotics.

Students leave the Upper School with a very strong foundation in an extensive range of technologies and the ability to approach new technologies with confidence and enthusiasm.