Preparation for Common Entrance Exams

Common Entrance Pre-Tests

Boys sit these examination late in November of Year 6.  They comprise English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning.  The school prepares all pupils thoroughly for these online, adaptive tests.

Over the summer prior to Year 6, the boys are provided with access to the Planet Bofa website which provides an enormous amount of practice tests in the style of the Common Pre-Test which enables pupils to work specifically towards these examinations.

At the start of the Autumn Term the Head of English and the Head of Maths will run early morning sessions, before school, leading up to the entrance exams.  The Head of Computing is also timetabled for one lesson a week, 40 minutes, to prepare the boys for this examination.

Work in English and Maths classes will also devote time to preparing for these tests.

Two children’s arms writing in a school notebook preparing for their exams