Upper School Music

In DHS we strongly believe that learning music is a part of a good education and plays a profound part in development of intelligence, memory and various intellectual, social and physical skills which spill out into other academic areas, including maths, literacy, drama and sport. It is also the source of great enjoyment, both individual and communal and brings a school together in times of celebration and reflection.

One of the aims of the Music Department is to create worthwhile opportunities for students of all abilities and levels to participate in live music making and develop their musical potential to the full. A great number of our children participate in choirs, vocal groups, instrumental ensembles, Jazz band and Orchestra and regularly perform within and outside the school. Our Festival Choir takes part in various concerts and festivals around the country and abroad.

A girl in school uniform sat at drum kit ready to play, holding her drum sticks up to her chest

The teachers and the students work assiduously to develop and perfect their musical and instrumental skills, preparing for concerts, soirées and grade examinations. Our instrumentalists and vocalists take their ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall Grade examinations within the school and are awarded with certificates of achievement with high marks.

We encourage our students to aim towards high standards and every year our leavers apply for music scholarships in prestigious schools in London and further afield.