Upper School Mathematics

“The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.”

Charles Caleb Colton 

Our Philosophy

Mathematics is everywhere and it is this central tenant that drives forward the learning and enjoyment of the subject in Devonshire House.

Throughout the school children are guided and encouraged to use their new found knowledge and skills in a variety of stimulating and creative ways. These include applying their understanding to, amongst others, investigations in Science and measuring and recording skills in both Geography and Design and Technology.


Our pupils are encouraged to compete in many different challenges throughout the year and our past successes in national competitions have a positive impact on the learning and self-motivation that our students exhibit.

A young girl in school uniform holding a maths book smiling at other people on her table in class

Independent Learning

We send our students on to their senior schools with the confidence and ability to not only continue with their learning, but also to engage with the world at large through the skills and logic acquired during their mathematics lessons at Devonshire House School.


School entrance examinations at 11+ and 13+ are based on the National Curriculum for Mathematics. We aim to cover all the necessary topics in the ISEB Syllabus and offer extension work wherever possible.