Upper School – Prep School Learning Support

The Support Department in the Upper school withdraws pupils in a way that complements their individual needs.

The support is available for pupils with short term ‘catch up’ needs and for pupils with a diagnosed reason for needing additional help.

The room is well resourced for literacy, numeracy handwriting and social skills issues.

Pupils are taught either individually, in pairs or in groups of up to four in number.

Handwriting support is given in lunchtime clubs and mainly covers the Upper 4s to
Upper 7s.

Learning how to “Mind-Map,” study successfully and prepare for examinations is part of the support pupils receive.

The Support Room is well resourced with games and learning aids that are motivational and interesting.  It is a friendly, welcoming place to be.

Pupils are praised for success and helped positively with challenges.  Self-esteem building is a vital element of these lessons.

It is important that pupils can measure their progress and feel that they are moving forward.

Teacher observing and smiling at young girl in uniform reading a book on a window seat in the school