Upper School Latin

Latin at Devonshire House School is an energetic subject and proves that Latin is very much alive.

Although Latin is not a spoken language, students learn about the great influence that Latin has had on both our own language and the romance languages. Lessons at Devonshire House inspire students to not only translate Latin into English but to also compose their own Latin sentences. From the very first lesson, students are encouraged to look for English derivations and the role of Latin in literary works and film. The students learn the language through varied activities including the use of technology and kinaesthetic movements.

In Upper 5 and 6, students are introduced to the basic grammar of the Latin language with reflection on the English language. This way of teaching can consolidate the irregularities of the English language and help students understand their own language better through the acquiring of a new one.

In Upper 7 and 8, the students venture further into Latin grammar and further develop their Latin composition skills. The students gain confidence in the understanding of the Latin language and gain access to adapted Latin texts.

Throughout Latin teaching at Devonshire House there is a keen focus on the cultural elements of the course. The students learn about mythology in both the Greek and Roman worlds and are encouraged to compare Roman daily life and religion with their own experiences. This encourages students to explore a different way of thinking than their own.

Latin text engraved on stone