Upper School French

At Devonshire House School, our main target is that our pupils get a solid grounding in basic contemporary French language and become proficient in the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking by the time they leave us to go to their senior schools. We also ensure that they understand and are regularly exposed to various aspects of French culture and civilization. In the early stages of language learning, from Reception to Year 4, the main emphasis is on oral communication. From Year 5 onwards and especially in Year 7 and 8, there is a stronger emphasis on Grammar so that the children get some insight into how the language works, and how to use it meaningfully.

We also aim to make the pupils understand that French, whilst being a tool to be used in the classroom, is also a living language rather than simply a classroom pursuit.

Last year, we had a French day when the Upper school became a French village. The children really had fun, here’s are a photograph of the big day.

Children sat around a table with food, dressed in stereotypical French clothing