Upper School – Prep Education

Curriculum & Extra-Curriculum

Whilst nurturing work in the traditional subjects Devonshire House also provides a wide range of opportunities to help foster a variety of talents, enabling children to discover their own strengths and develop their own talents and giving each child the chance to excel.

Expression in all forms of communication is encouraged, with classes having lessons in art, music and drama. Physical exercise and games are also an important part of the School week. In all areas it is the School’s policy to encourage a wide range of interests. The principal areas of the National Curriculum are covered, though subjects may be taken at a higher level, or at a quicker pace. For the girls approaching the eleven plus senior schools’ entry examinations, special emphasis is given to the requirements for these, and, in the top two years for boys, the Common Entrance curriculum is taught. The pupils achieve great success in these examinations and a number also sit successfully for senior school scholarships.

Young boy with glasses playing an electric guitar