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Q&A with our Early Years Music Teacher

Ms Sharp teaches Music to Nursery Acorns (age 2-3), Nursery Oaks (age 3-4) and Reception children at Devonshire House, once a week.

Caroline Sharp, Early Years Music Teacher at Devonshire HouseWe heard you were a musician at the London Philharmonic Orchestra…

Yes, for many years I have been a professional violinist, playing with the main orchestras of the UK and most of the time with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

I moved to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music aged 17 and studied there for many years as an undergraduate and master’s student, and then as a junior fellow. I’ve always loved the sound and the amazing repertoire of an orchestra and so was excited to start working with the London Philharmonic before the completion of my undergraduate degree. 

Why did you choose to spend part of your time teaching in a school?

I love working with children and helping to inspire a life-long love of music!

And why young learners in particular?

It is such a privilege to explore the foundations of music with children for the first time and see their whole face light up in delight. I also have a huge passion for setting solid foundations in music education, so children are best equipped to explore and communicate through music in the years ahead.

Is there something in particular you are most proud of?

Oooh that’s a tough one! I’ve loved being at Abbey Road recording blockbuster film soundtracks and I can think of several performances on tour around the world where I have been hugely inspired by the conductor and musicians around me! Educationally, I led a musical partnership between British and Vietnamese Primary schools last year funded by the British Council. It was a huge privilege to witness the children learning about each other’s culture through writing songs to each other in the universal language of music. It was also one of the first music educational projects to take place in Vietnamese schools which was very special.

Any event you are looking forward to?

I am very excited about the upcoming early years performances from the Acorns, Oaks and Reception children at the end of term! They sound fabulous and I know how excited they are to perform to family and friends.

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