Junior School Technology

The use of technology is a fundamental part of the curriculum and is used daily in each classroom in the form of interactive whiteboards and iPads. Pupils are actively involved in their own learning, for example, using interactive games in Maths, English, Science and Technology within sites such as Education City, or accessing the internet as a means of research in other subjects. Much of the work undertaken is cross curricular and links into the topics taught.  There are 3 areas in Technology that the pupils within Junior School cover; Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Technology also offers cross-curriculum content whenever possible.

All pupils participate in a weekly lesson taught by a specialist teacher, enabling pupils to develop their computer skills and coding knowledge. With regards to computer science, we use block based coding apps such as Kodable, Tynker and Scratch Junior. Stop motion movies are made using apps like Animate it, Stop Motion, and Puppet Pals as well as using green screen technology. Apps such as PicCollage are used to create Posters and art work. Pupils also create their own interactive story books. All junior school children also revisit how to be safe on the internet every year. There are also two after school coding and computer clubs.