Junior School Music

Music education at Devonshire House School starts in our nursery and carries on throughout the whole school. The classes are led by passionate and dedicated professionals who monitor children’s progress carefully and methodically.

Young boy holding red maracas up to his face

From a young age, children learn to use their singing voices as an instrument. This develops their vocal and instrumental skills.

From this young age children are developing their ability to follow a simple melody and rhythm, recognise and read simplified sol-fa rhythm notation, musical memory, inner hearing, listening skills, diction and co-ordination and thus, get acquainted with the main components of music.

The children also experience the sheer joy and excitement of sharing and making music using their own voice and other instruments!

In the Junior School this continues and is enhanced by the further development of vocal and instrumental skills, which includes unison and simple part choral work, reading simple notation, sight-reading, basic composition and improvisation.

As children get older, they have an opportunity to learn an individual instrument. Some of the instrument lessons on offer include piano, violin, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, French horn, guitar, voice and drums.

All our children take part in the end of year concert in which all are encouraged to enjoy both listening to and taking part in musical performances.