Junior School French


In the Junior School, our aim is to develop confidence and enjoyment in French to create a firm foundation on which to build each ch
ild’s understanding of the language. In the classroom, the children are engaged in regular conversation, interacting with their teacher and participating in fun and enjoyable games, songs and role-play scenarios with their classmates.

French teacher sat in front of class of children who are sat on the floor

As the children progress through P1 with their speaking and listening skills, pupils develop greater word recognition and written French is then introduced. By the time the pupils reach P3, they are beginning to show confidence in written French and are using dictionaries as well as learning some basic grammar notions.

ICT, along with audio-visual resources, is used to reinforce the language and to allow the pupils to make links with the written and spoken word. Further topics are introduced as the children move through the Junior School to consolidate existing understanding of the language and to introduce new vocabulary.