Junior School Curriculum

The Junior School Curriculum

There is a full and rich curriculum balancing the traditional academic subjects alongside the more creative and physical elements of school life. All children learn in different ways and in the Junior School we strive to cater for all learning styles by encouraging independent thinking, and allowing children to learn through experience. There is a strong emphasis at this stage on developing strength and confidence in reading, writing and numeracy to create a firm foundation to build upon as the children progress through the school. This feeds naturally into other subjects: History, Geography, Science and RS, where we encourage and embrace the curiosity in the pupils to find out for themselves more about the world around them.

Boy and girl in uniform posing and smiling at the camera

Expression in all forms of communication is encouraged, with classes having lessons in Art, DT, Music and Drama. Children have the opportunity to perform before an audience in the Christmas performance and the summer concert, and also less formally during sharing assemblies throughout the year, which parents are invited to. There are opportunities within the classroom for pupils to develop their confidence in speaking and listening skills such as ‘show and tell’ in the earlier years, to presenting ‘solos’ in P3 when pupils find out about and share with their class something they are particularly interested in.

The Junior School curriculum is further enhanced by an excellent programme of educational visits, which supports the learning taking place in the classroom. Special events are also celebrated, either in the classroom or during assemblies. Visitors to the school are another regular feature, ranging from our local policeman to visiting authors and Maths, Science and Drama workshops.