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Discover Devonshire House School

At Devonshire House School, we offer a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 7 and above, with a curriculum designed to encourage academic excellence, creativity and confidence. Our accredited team of educators provide an exceptional learning experience, creating a unique atmosphere where every pupil feels valued and inspired.

Why Choose Devonshire House School?

Moving from Pre-Prep to Prep can cause a dip in learning as your child adjusts to multiple changes: new building & routines; longer day; older children; change of pace and workload. That’s why our Year 3 at Devonshire House is designed as a bridge from Pre-Prep to Prep. This allows us to drip-feed the changes as the year progresses, avoiding the loss of learning that wholesale change can bring.

How does this work in practice?

Think of it as a hybrid model. Your child will join the Middle School building but will retain a single classroom base and class teacher. From this base, your child will venture out to specialist facilities and teachers, exploring science in our laboratory, robotics in our technology suite or clay sculpting in our art studio.

We keep the sheltered and nurturing Pre-Prep ethos alive as your child’s wings unfurl, gradually increasing independence and phasing in new routines. For example, your child will initially have snack time in the classroom with a teacher as per Year 2. Mid-way through the year they will join the older children in collecting fruit outside at break time!

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