Faxi Scheme

Devonshire House has a Faxi group! It is a new internet service designed to create an online community around schools, focusing on easing the time and cost burden of the school run. Faxi allows parents to identify, communicate and build a relationship with other parents who have similar journeys. This will help Devonshire House to reduce climate affecting carbon emissions, ease local traffic congestion and improve road safety. As the service develops there will be a mobile app, alerts, calendars, real-time journey tracking and crucially, a payment mechanism that will allow parents to share the cost of travel.

Faxi Leaflet – Devonshire House School

How It Works


What are the benefits?

  • Reduces car congestion and carbon emissions
  • Saves parents time and money
  • Supports your school in its environmental goals
  • Improves pedestrian safety
  • Can also be used for walking and cycling

For more information go to: www.faxi.co.uk