Computing Classes in Early Years

Information Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. It is also an exciting aspect of education at Devonshire House School, highly interactive and very motivating. We recognise that ICT prepares children for a rapidly changing world.

In Early Years, each classroom has an interactive smart board and computer, with access to a wide variety of cross-curricular software appropriate to their age group.  In addition to a smart board, the Nursery also have an interactive table.

The children have the opportunity to use and enjoy a wide range of educational software and ICT resources, including iPads, remote control vehicles, Bee Bots, microphones, walkie-talkies, Tuff cameras and metal detectors, and the children are encouraged to become increasingly independent.

As the children grow in confidence, during Pre Reception and Reception, their ICT skills are developed further and the children use software to enhance their learning and also to support other subjects through the use of different learning styles.

Throughout Early Years, each child is assessed in their development and progression of Technology, using the appropriate age range as part of the ‘Understanding the World’ area of the Development Matters document. Evidence collected can be in a range of forms, including informal observations, photographs, samples of children’s independent activities and quotations.

These first steps in ICT are an important introduction to the vast range of technology that the children will grow up with and be used as part of their daily lives.

A child using the keyboard on an iPad