Early Years Technology

Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. It is also an exciting aspect of education at Devonshire House School, highly interactive and very motivating, equipping the children for a future in a digital world.

Our school is very well resourced for Technology. Each classroom has an interactive smart board and computer, with access to a wide variety of cross-curricular software appropriate to their age group.  iPads are widely available across the school.

Technology in Early Years is integrated and creatively used throughout the curriculum and across all the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Early technology experiences include; educational software’s, iPads, CD player, remote control vehicles, bee-bots, clever cats, microphones, recordable magnifying glasses, walkie-talkies, tuff cameras and metal detectors. Children are encouraged to become increasingly independent, particularly with technology such as the interactive table and iPad, which boosts their confidence.

During Pre Reception and Reception, their Technology skills are developed further. They start to understand that digital devices follow precise and unambiguous instructions, children recognise that they can also simulate real situations.

These first steps in Technology, in the Early Years are an important introduction to the vast range of technology around us, it allows children to develop a confidence and enthusiasm for technology which will stay with them as they progress through the school.