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Middle & Upper Schools

at Devonshire House School

In the Middle & Upper Schools, specialist teaching is the norm, with the Form Teachers supporting the pupils on a daily basis and being the first point of contact for parents and in liaison with the specialists.  The pupils see their form teacher at morning registration, during the daily Form Time and before the end of the day. This is important in developing the trusting relationships that help support each pupil.

Everyone is a member of one of the four ‘Houses’ from the day they start at Devonshire House. Each House has a staff Head of House who pays particular attention to the wellbeing of the pupils in their House. Pupils in the top years for girls and boys are given the opportunity to take on roles of responsibility and to work closely with their Heads of House.

The House system encourages pupils to develop wider friendships, beyond those between pupils in a single year. Regular House meetings and competitions take place creating a sense of community amongst all the Houses.

Upper School Wellbeing