Aims and Ethos

Aims of the School

To ensure:

  •  a caring, happy and safe environment which is conducive to learning and personal development.
  • the highest standard of teaching for all pupils.
  • the highest standard of learning for all pupils.
  • the highest standard of achievement.
  • the highest standards in personal care, support and encouragement.
  • the encouragement of initiative.

The School Ethos

The School:

  • aims to create a caring, family atmosphere where all pupils are nurtured, learning is an enjoyable experience and where there is respect for people, equipment, belongings, the environment, authority and rules.
  • teaches children to think about their behaviour, attitude and responsibilities.
  • teaches an awareness of the need both for initiative and responsibility and for rules and clear boundaries.
  • encourages independence in action and thought.
  • values industry, enthusiasm, initiative, achievement and pride in work and appearance.
  • creates a safe, calm environment.
  • teaches and values good manners and consideration for others.
  • recognises, values, and tries to develop all talents, skills and interests.
  • creates an atmosphere of fairness, mutual trust and honesty.