2014 ISI Interim Inspection


In January 2014, the Early Years Department was visited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) team, who found the quality and provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage to be ‘outstanding‘ in all areas. Young children have a natural curiosity and enthusiasm and we aim to harness these qualities  through an active, stimulating, happy and secure environment, where children’s individual needs are supported and interests encouraged. Through a combination  of adult led and child initiated activities , our children can flourish into confident, well prepared and highly motivated learners.




‘Throughout Early years, observations and assessments provide an accurate record of children’s progress, allowing staff to identify challenging, yet achievable, next steps which reflect children’s individual needs and interests.’ (2014 ISI Interim Inspection ) Early Years fosters an atmosphere of respect to others and acknowledges appropriate behaviour  as a basic requirement for meaningful and optimal learning for children. The children are introduced to the Golden Rules of the school when they start with us. This empathises the importance of kindness and sharing with others. Through peer modelling and praise we encourage the children to take risks and to initiate learning  themselves whilst providing the basic  building blocks  through a structured curriculum.


2010 Early Years Ofstead Report