Preparation for Common Entrance

UCS / Highgate / Mill Hill preparation

Many boys now sit for these examinations early in October in Year 7.  The school prepares all pupils thoroughly for these tests.

Once exams are completed in June, the boys who are sitting for these schools will be set in their English and Maths sets, working specifically towards these examinations.  In addition to this, over the summer, work will be set in these subjects and in verbal and non-verbal reasoning (each child will receive 3 of each).


At the start of the Autumn Term the Head of English, the Head of Maths and the Deputy Head Academic will run early morning sessions, before school, leading up to the entrance exams.  (The reasoning papers must be returned to the Deputy Head Academic as these will form the focus of the reasoning sessions.)

Work in English and Maths classes will also devote some time to preparing for these tests.

Exam papers are not sent home.